SI-UK University Fair Online Nairobi Location and Guide

Online Fair Location and Guide

Where to go on the day of the SI-UK University Fair Online Nairobi.

SI-UK University Fair Online Guide

Accessing the SI-UK University Fair Online

Please ensure you have downloaded Zoom video conferencing software to meet universities at the Fair:

The Day of the Fair

On August 14/15, please enter the SI-UK University Fair Online via the link in your registration email and follow this guide:

  1. Enter Reception/Helpdesk. The Fair Host will let you in, and then direct you to a Breakout Room.
  2. Once you enter a Breakout Room, the Receptionist will take your name, registration ID and mark your attendance.
  3. The Receptionist will then find out if you have had a consultation prior to the Fair. 
    • If you have met a consultant and have a list of recommended universities to speak to, you are almost ready to enter the main university floor.
    • If you have not met a consultant, you will be assigned one and will have a conversation with that person about what you want to study and where, followed by a list of recommended universities to meet.

4. Once the above has been completed, you may use the Fair Floor Plan to meet universities, attend seminars or speak to an SI-UK education consultant.

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