About the Nigerian SI-UK University Fair

About the UK University Fair Nigeria

What to expect from the largest UK University Fair for African students.

SI-UK University Fair 2017

Largest UK University Fair for African students

The SI-UK University Fair is the largest UK fair designed only for African students gaining access to UK universities. Through its regular editions across Nigeria and the world, SI-UK provide a unique platform for students to meet and gain information from a number of prestigious universities. Our expert team of consultant and university specialists who can help you make the right choices on the day.

Universities consistently ranked among the top 20 in the UK will be in attendance.

In addition to meeting universities, there are a number of other activities on the day to make your visit as productive as possible. A career profiling tool will ensure you make the right study path choices for your future career, while SI-UK will be available to discuss in detail on how to apply and what to include in your application.

Exclusive Scholarships

Over 100 international scholarships are also available, while students who make an impression can also expect on the spot offers – just don’t forget your supporting documents!

Free Student Visa Advice

Free appointments can be made with SI-UK’s visa team who can advise on Tier 4 student visa and student visitor visa questions and issues. Each member of the SI-UK visa team is qualified and recognised by UK Visas and Immigration.

We look forward to meeting you!